Old Ground – Dress Rehearsal Photos

Shay Rowan came to out dress rehearsal to get some photos:


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Introducing – Paul Fraser-Smith

Paul stars as Fred Harrison in our upcoming production of Old Ground

Hi I’m Paul.

I have lived in Manchester for just over 20 years and was aware of the Moors Murders case through past TV drama’s such as ‘Longford’ and ‘See No Evil’. The story was also still current due to the recent passing away of Ian Brady earlier this year.

As soon as I was sent part of the script for audition purposes I knew that I wanted to be part of this project. I feel that the story is respectfully told and know that the writer Lee Joseph has spent considerable time researching the facts and uncovering precise details to bring this story to the stage. It does not glorify the awful crimes which were committed but amongst telling the story it shines a light on and conveys the hurt and pain felt by the mothers of the children who were sadly taken. Sadly Keith Bennett’s body has not been found and there is hope that his remains are finally found and laid to rest with his mother ‘Winnie’.

I remember meeting the cast for the first time and we held our first read through on Albion Street overlooking the old train station where Edward Evans met Ian Brady and it really affects you and adds a different dimension to the story.

This is my first production for Organised Chaos and the rehearsal process has been brilliantly led by Neil Bell. I can honestly say that whilst considering the subject matter it may seem inappropriate to say that I have laughed and cried during the rehearsal process and that is really testament to both the incredible writing, directing and quality of actors involved. I feel so grateful to be part of this story and I am really looking forward to performing on stage for the first time at the Kings Arms, Salford.


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Old Ground – five reasons to see…

Old Ground is coming to the Kings Arms this autumn – here are our five reasons to see

Old Ground (square without title)

Promotional image


1 – The Story

It is based on lesser-known factual circumstances surrounding one of Manchester’s darkest and most infamous legacies. History; there for the taking or leaving. Its true heroes have been over-shadowed by the enemies within the story for too long, and the names of these heroes may be new to you…

Old Ground tells the story of two lovers who, against the backdrop of Manchester’s swinging sixties, became the most notorious and despised serial-killers in British criminal history. Crimes so depraved and macabre, their extents would remain unspoken, and untouched, for another two decades.

From their separate prison cells in the 1980s, rumours of even more atrocities begin to surface. The psychopath seeks to exact revenge on his ex-lover, while she – claiming to be a changed and innocent woman – simply wants her freedom… and at any cost.

But will the truth ever prevail in this very public battle of two abominable evils?

2 – The Cast

This production was only ever going to be as good and as sensitive as the actors who were prepared to make it a reality – and they do so in the name of others.

There is a mix of familiar names to the Manchester Theatre Fringe scene along with some new faces but all have been cast for their fantastic talent.

3 – Organised Chaos

After taking a bit of a break the award winning Organised Chaos Productions return with their fifteenth production continuing their ethos of supporting new and emerging talent to showcase their talent and to encourage new concepts in theatre.

4 – The Kings Arms

The audience will experience this production in the intimate surrounding of one of the city’s most celebrated and innovative theatre spaces on the Greater Manchester Fringe – The Kings Arms

5 – Limited dates

The production is limited to nine performances only. Not for ‘entertainment’, just for the record


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Old Ground – Rehearsal Photos

Shay Rowan has been in rehearsals getting some photos:



For more rehearsal photos check our flickr page: outhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/organisedchaosprods/sets/72157686215982254



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Introducing – Elizabeth Poole

Elizabeth stars as Joan Reade in our upcoming production of Old Ground


Elizabeth Poole

Hi I’m Elizabeth

I first saw the auditions for ‘Old Ground’ on a casting call out. I immediately applied for an audition as this story resonates me with me so much especially coming from north Manchester. I was very familiar with the story having been brought up with the knowledge of the evil murders that took place. Then when Peter Topping opened the case again to find the missing people, I read, (amongst newspapers) the books: A Devil’s Disciple and Beyond Belief and was mortified about the actual facts of the crimes.

It was important to me to know the script wasn’t glorifying or sympathising in any way the heinous crimes committed by the two perpetrators and that it was in essence all about the victims and their families. Lee Joseph the writer, with his brilliant, well-researched script, didn’t fail to convince me it was the right thing to do to play the part of Joan Reade whose daughter Pauline was one of the victims. I hope I do Joan justice.

It is an ambitious, brave script that tackles a time of pure evil and agony. Something I hope we never witness again in our lifetime. I am honoured to be cast amongst very talented actors and a fantastic director, Neil Bell to bring this play to the stage.

It is my first production with Organised Chaos and I am thoroughly enjoying the rehearsal process and I’m excited for the show to have its first run at the Kings Arms.



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Introducing – Geoff Baron

Geoff stars as Harry, Guard and Officer in our upcoming production of Old Ground

2017-04-15 17.18.34

Geoff Baron

I’m Geoff and have been enjoying the thrill of the stage since getting the bug at Junior School (back in the days of slate chalkboards!) but I recently took the bold step of taking early retirement to allow me more time for me to indulge my passion for acting and directing.

I have never chosen to specialize in one genre, preferring to experience a wide range of theatre and have enjoyed pantomime, musical theatre, comedy drama and thrillers but the weighty drama has always had a stronger appeal.

When the opportunity to get involved in Old Ground came up it was just too good to miss and that’s what drove me to succeed when it came to an audition. But from the first conversation with writer Lee Joseph to meeting director Neil  and the rest of the company I felt like I have been welcomed into a very warm, supportive family making the two hour round trip to rehearsals not a chore at all!

The subject matter of the play may be on the heavy side but Lee’s intelligent and sympathetic approach to telling the story has lead to a piece that is so eminently watchable and totally engrossing.

I’m sure that the Kings’s Arms audiences are in for a theatre treat.


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Introducing – Anne Baron

Anne stars as Winnie Johnson in our upcoming production of Old Ground

2016-06-29 14.27.40-1

Anne Baron

Hi I’m Anne Baron and this is my first production with Organised Chaos. It is also another first for me as I’ve never written a blog before, so here goes!

I have been acting for many years in many different types of production ranging from serious drama to musicals to pantomime and now welcome the challenge of playing character roles, enjoying playing in both comedic and thoughtful drama.

As soon as I saw details of Old Ground my interest was piqued. I am of an age that I remember all too well the events of the mid 1960s and I have always had an interest in any developments regarding the subject matter addressed.  So, I felt I had to try and take the opportunity to be involved in the project. I was thrilled to be offered an audition and was delighted to secure the role of Winnie Johnson.

The read through took place several weeks later and was emotional as this was the first time the cast had all been together, and was the first time I had met our director Neil Bell! It also proved that this would indeed be a true team effort.

Rehearsals have been intense as the cast strive to develop their characters but have been very enjoyable and we are now moving swiftly to performance.

Lee has written a very informative, descriptive and touching script which is a pleasure to perform.

I can’t quite believe that I am working with such a lovely, committed cast and creative team on this, in my opinion, excellent piece of writing.

I am very excited to be part of the production and hope that the audiences at King’s Arms, Salford appreciate out telling of this piece of Manchester’s social history.

See you there!


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Introducing – Lee Joseph

Lee is the writer of our upcoming production Old Ground

Old Ground (square without title)

Attempting to bring the story of one of Manchester’s darkest legacies to the stage was not an easy decision, and one I have carefully considered for a number of years. It jars so vehemently with everything else that is normally celebrated and associated with our city (arts, music, football etc) and the culture of its’ people; many of whom still feel understandably raw and emotional about its’ uncomfortable ramifications or simply ashamed (or disinterested) about the possibilities of looking beyond what they already know; facts and clarifications often just giving-way to ignorant aversions or, worse, careless embellishments of forgotten truths. Inflammatory fictions only crudely distort the already unthinkable realities, and they should have no place in any assessments or examinations of such cautionary circumstances.

I believe there to be no such thing as ‘morbid fascination’. Rather, more an interested in the highly unlikely – a curiosity in the unexplainable, the baffling and the absolute bizarre – and should never be deemed ‘unhealthy’, or ‘shameful’. Fact is often stranger than fiction and many millions of people have contributed to internet viewing-figures; some of the highest being footage of human atrocities such as 9/11 or the holocaust for example, not to mention documentations of true crimes. It is how and why we approach such historical matters that determine what we might take from it intellectually, or emotionally, afterwards and the reasons remain entirely within the individual. The human ‘condition’ consists of many complications, and to look into the unimaginable is, sometimes, only an attempt to understand them better; though satisfactory conclusions may never be fully achieved.

To remember only the names and faces of the two perpetrators in this story is to only pick at the old, septic wounds and is, ultimately, to allow their crimes to be committed over and over again. In short, unacceptable and irresponsible.

The plight of the two mothers in this particular period of the story I have chosen to convey is my true fascination, for they prove that hope, above all else, can (and should) never be diminished – no matter how despairing and catastrophic out circumstances might be. Equally, their children deserve to be remembered by name; their tragedies should not become their significance – and their lives, though short, should be acknowledge – and with respect.

Bringing OLD GROUND to the stage depended on one thing : finding the appropriate professionals to treat, understand and execute it with great sensitivity and care, on all levels.

I found them.

I have complete faith in all members of production involved and, most importantly, I respected everybody’s individual concerns, questions and doubts before saying ‘yes’ to shouldering the responsibilities required in attempting to lift this idea off the page. Less of a ‘cast and crew’, more of a ‘fellowship’, and one in which I feel fully supported when anticipating any uncertain appeal and reactions to the story we will be presenting to our audiences.

To be on stage in not necessarily to entertain – it is to learn, connect and educate.


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Old Ground – behind the scenes

Some behind the scenes footage from the director, Neil Bell, as the cast get ready for costume fittings


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