Introducing Cliff Heaton – Walter – Bottled Wasps

Cliff plays Walter in Bottled Wasps – he joined us after answering an open casting call.

He was asked to write something about why he wanted to get involved with us and our production of Bottled Wasps and his experience so far.

Exactly 3 weeks to go  until our first performance.  This is my first production with Organised Chaos.  I have auditioned for two of their previous productions,  but there are some very talented actors in the North west, so not getting a part is  always part of an upward learning curve. I feel that I am now half way up that curve with regard to Walter, my character in Bottled Wasps. To say he is a complex character is only part of it. He is a soul of immense contradiction who is struggling at this point in his life to cope with past deeds, present crises and barely suppressed hatreds….. But Hey! it’s not doom and gloom. The play has a more than a thread of dark humour and plenty of laughs from start to the explosive finish. I am working with a super creative team and  two great actors, Louisa-Mai  and Marlon and the three of us will certainly present a strange menage a trois. I’m sure that we will all be at the top of the curve for first night ….Be there or Be square!

Kettles boiled… a coffee and back to learning lines for tonight’s rehearsal.
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About organisedchaosproductions

Nurturing theatrical talent in the most chaotically organised way you could imagine. Organised Chaos Productions was set up in 2009 to help and support undiscovered and emerging talent in Manchester and the North West providing platforms for this creativity by successfully taking care of all the production technicalities. Our mission is to make Organised Chaos Productions a successful producing company of high quality, thought provoking new works, supporting undiscovered and emerging talent in the North-West.

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