Designer update for Bottled Wasps

Kirsty Nicol, designer for Bottled Wasps updates us on her progress so far…


Wow!!! It’s 10.28pm on a Friday night and am about ready for bed!! Was asked to go out into town tonight but I said, “No Thank you, I’m making a window.” So that’s what I did…….see without giving anything away a window is needed as part for the set, to be honest I think this part of the play that happens by the window is one, if not my favourite bit. It’s just such a powerful moment for me and I think it one of the part where as an audience member you start to see or pick up on the darker side of the performers.

Well any way I just printed of the final props and costume list and written myself a shopping list for tomorrow. Plan of attack for tomorrow is as follows:

·          Working at Merlin 7.00 – 1.00

·         Shopping 2.00-4.00

·         Paint and Dress puppet 5.00- Till god knows!!!

·         Everything else – God knows till late.

Not much of a plan but it something I guess. I know there still loads to do but I feeling ok about it and am starting to see the finished set, slowly mind. Design for theatre is so rewarding because I have to consider so many different aspects, including how the set is going to fit and flow with the text or what materials to use, while still ensuring that it is aesthetically pleasing to the audience and production team.


I try very hard to keep continuity in my design and strive to connect the set and costumes with the tone of the script. My goal is to achieve a design which highlights the performers and leaves a memorable experience for all who see it.


And now what???…………………..BED!!!

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