Introducing Adam Lowe – Andrew – AfterWords

Adam plays Andrew for AfterWords – he joined us after answering an open call.

He was asked to write something about why he wanted to get involved with us and our production of AfterWords and his experience so far.

As an actor in Manchester there is a tick-box list of local groups and companies everyone aims to work with at some point, Organised Chaos being one of them – so it’s great to finally get a chance to join the OC hall of fame.

In After Words I play Andrew, who is (not quite) patiently sitting in the afterlife waiting room, desperate for his number to be called, waiting his turn to… well he hasn’t thought that far ahead, but they better bloody well hurry up anyway!

With Andrew I’m getting the rare opportunity to be the comic relief of the piece, being something of an emotional bookendin the process. At the mercy of the Clerk’s mind games,Andrew contemplates eternity chained to a kindle or sat in front of the TV while he crosses his finger that his Mrs will pops her clogs before her time to end his waiting. Its been a real treat working with our Director Natasha Stott and my good friend Ben Jewell, playing the Clerk, to bring out the comedy to be found in Andrew’s endless monotony and limitless boredom.

The cast and crew have gelled really well and everyone adds something to the mix – that’s the privilege of the job of an Actor I think: working with dedicated, invested individuals who take what they do seriously and having loads of fun in the process. Its also nice to be able to turn up for work and spend most of your time laughing.

As you probably know, it’s show week and everything is coming together nicely. There is an air of confidence in the company that I’m sure will translate into a really great piece of work and maintain the high standard Organised Chaos is known for. So, bring your friends!

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Nurturing theatrical talent in the most chaotically organised way you could imagine. Organised Chaos Productions was set up in 2009 to help and support undiscovered and emerging talent in Manchester and the North West providing platforms for this creativity by successfully taking care of all the production technicalities. Our mission is to make Organised Chaos Productions a successful producing company of high quality, thought provoking new works, supporting undiscovered and emerging talent in the North-West.

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