A Lot of it About : Chairs, Cues and Looming deadlines


Today, Alex started by sitting us all in a line of chairs at the back of the stage and trying to make it so we don’t ever have to leave the stage. This really works within the idea we have of making the “memory” sections of the play feel really stylised in comparison to the more realistic elements (the prologue and epilogue).

I’ve worked with Alex many times before, and foolishly, I had a moment of doubt that it wouldn’t work with costume placement and the faff of everybody moving round. However, after putting a rough shape on it, it’s starting to look like a play rather than a series of scenes one after the other. For the first time, I can see Alex’s vision really taking shape, and that is always one of the most exciting bits for me.

In addition, I’ve been doing a lot of work during rehearsals (when I haven’t been needed on stage) to get the plays mentioned on Twitter, radio, Facebook and every other media platform I can think of using the hashtag #OCNW. So far, due to emailing people and tweeting, I’ve managed to get us retweeted by the Buxton Fringe festival, mentioned on BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Radio Manchester, Manchester Radio Online, by some London people- even my lecturer in Staffordshire has some interest in it. It’s kind of like a game I’m playing, with no winners or losers, and the aim is to get it mentioned as much as possible by as many people as I can. Admittedly, it’s not the greatest game in the world, but I figured if everyone approached marketing in the way I did, it would be a lot more fun.

On Tuesday, Alex made a statement. It went like this:

“Oh my God. The show is next week.”

Now, I am ashamed to admit that I laughed when she said this. Mocked her almost. However, I can now admit that I also hadn’t realised how close the show was. This realisation, whilst being absolutely terrifying on so many levels, has really given an edge to this week’s rehearsals. We’re having a very intensive week and so far, the rehearsals are the best they have been yet. I reached a level in a scene with Mike (Young Ben) yesterday that gave the scene an entire new feeling and that is exciting. It shows that even at this late stage in the game we’re still growing this show, and I think that will continue the way through our run.

And I hope we do carry on in this vein.  There’s a show in here somewhere, underneath the availability saga and half-a-building-site rehearsal rooms, and now, for the first time, it’s all very real.


To see the tour dates and book tickets for Broken and A Lot of it About, visit our website.

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