Spring Ignition Success

image from www.freeimages.co.uk

image from www.freeimages.co.uk / banner by @sarahgracelogan 

Spring Ignition was the second in our Ignition initiative – for writers and actors who want a chance to showcase their talent in a quick and easy way without too much commitment. We’ve also seen it as a great way for people to network and get to know other writers and actors in the area.

Our first meeting was a great chance for everyone to meet each other and come up with ideas for the pieces with a Spring theme – these were then written and rehearsed over a two week period. We ended up with five fifteen minute pieces and were really pleased with the standard of pieces – they were all very high both from a writing and acting point of view.

The groups all seemed to work well within themselves and also with the people from the other shows. Everyone seemed to take away a lot from the experience which was great to hear. We will be doing another Ignition later on in the year so do watch out for calls.

“I loved working with Organised Chaos. For a writer it becomes too easy to work in isolation and send stuff off to never see it produced. With this experience I was able to see something develop from script to production and it was made an enjoyable process with Organised Chaos’s support.” – Chris Jenkins, Writer, Sexytime

“I’ve never worked on any new writing before so not having a script till the last minute was nerve wracking. I’ve learnt that as an actor we absolutely have to put our trust in the writer and that we can only really work with what we’ve got on the paper (which is non-negotiable!)” – Ashley Mackintosh, Actress, Bow Wow Pow Wow and Wellspring

“Working on the shows was a great experience. Some parts of the rehearsal process were
challenging, however, without a challenge you don’t tend to learn as much. I really benefitted from playing two contrasting characters.” – Billy Brayshaw, Actor, Bow Wow Pow Wow and Wellspring

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