Introducing … Antony Bowers-Smith

Antony is the director of our upcoming production The Distance Between Stars

First rehearsal with David Bresnahan (Elliot) and Demi Jo Franks (Daisy)

First rehearsal with David Bresnahan (Elliot) and Demi Jo Franks (Daisy)

The rehearsals for The Distance Between Stars has been interesting so far.
Sadly I have been away working for a week and a half since the auditions which hasn’t helped with continuity. Then we had to find a replacement actor which was traumatic for a day or so.

Luckily Mary Hooton has agreed to play Helen/Annabel/Alien and her first rehearsal was on Monday last. A very good rehearsal for someone coming in later than the rest but Mary took it in her stride and I am very pleased that she is now on board.

Our previous rehearsals have been going well but I am now looking forward to working regularly and consistently with the full cast. David Bresnahan, Dave Jordan and Demi Jo Franks are all working well and progressing with Steve Timms’ words and characters.

The groundwork has been done on the majority of scenes and then we can start to work more closely on the detail that this story demands.

There has been great support from the production side of Organised Chaos Especially from Chris Hall the Stage Manager and Hannah Rowe our Designer lots of great ideas and organisation.

Antony has also made the radio transmitter to be used in the show:

Radio transmitter

Radio transmitter

To see more information on the show and book tickets for The Distance Between Stars, visit our website –

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