Introducing … Ian Townsend

Ian is the dramaturg for our upcoming production of The Distance Between Stars

I’ve known Steve’s writing for a long time, so was delighted to be able to work with him on his latest piece, especially one so interesting, dark, intriguing and poignant.

It was great to see Steve respond to my thoughts and questions about the initial draft, and the way he took my comments on board. While never suggesting what he SHOULD do with his own play, I did try to make him think about the way certain characters behaved, and worked with him a little on the structure and meaning throughout.

In later drafts, it was a case of tidying up some of the relationships, and thinking more about the central story. Again, Steve responded brilliantly to this, and was very open to discussions and looking how the play could best be developed.

It’s really important to build up trust with a writer, which may mean facing some harsh decisions about lines, plot points and, especially in some cases, characters, but I think it’s great to be challenged in this way and to be open to outside thoughts, to get the very best play you can.

I am looking forward to seeing how it all comes to life in performance



To see more information on the show and book tickets for The Distance Between Stars, visit our website –

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