Introducing … Demi Jo Franks

Demi plays Daisy in our upcoming production of The Distance Between Stars


Demi Jo Franks

Demi Jo Franks

“I am an actress who lives for the transformation; someone who really enjoys going from playing a sophisticated American Lawyer one minute, to playing a Columbian Cleaner in a detention centre the next. Variety and diversity is what excites me the most.

I have never come across a play like Steve’s, let alone a character like Daisy. The everyday feel of the text juxtaposed next to the unusual, unconventional and ‘alien’ (pun intended) plot/setting is something that Steve has coincided so well.

As an actor one of the biggest challenges is to be ‘ in the moment’ – which means not getting caught up in the concept of the piece and just simply being/reacting to what is happening at the present. There is a very real, normal, conversational feel during most of the scenes even though the subject and overall topic is something quite obscure and to explore and play this ‘realness’ has been a breath of fresh air.

Each character has their own personal struggle and it really has been enjoyable to play around with this in rehearsals and see when and how my character feels about different things at different times. This changes every time we rehearse as it would in real life.

Something that I have taken and learnt from this play is that feelings, whether good or bad, just… Are!

One should never try to justify or

judge themselves or others because they ‘should be’ feeling a certain way. There is no ‘should be’. People react differently to different things and it’s not society’s job to cast judgement.

It has been an absolutely pleasure working with and getting to know all the cast and creatives who are all slaving away tirelessly to bring Steve’s vision to life!



To see more information on the show and book tickets for The Distance Between Stars, visit our website –

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