Introducing … Mary Hooton

Mary plays Helen/Annabel in our upcoming production of The Distance Between Stars

Mary Hooton

Mary Hooton

When I got the call from Organised Chaos to step into the breach and play the role of Helen/Annabel in Steve Timms ‘The Distance Between Stars’, I readily agreed as I had been lucky enough to help with the read through of the script at an earlier stage. I have worked for Organised Chaos on two previous occasions, ‘Chaotic Combinations –  Duologue’, with the winning entry ‘Hilltop’ written by Organised Chaos alumni Michael Rumney, and most recently in the ‘Perspectives’ series with ‘Century’s Sisters’.

The company has a long history of mentoring and encouraging new work, from writers, directors and actors, with shows covering a variety of themes, and ‘The Distance between Stars’ is no different. Steve’s script gives so much for an actor to work with, creating a past family history, which affects the present, and also looks to the future. My own performance history covers everything from musicals to mask work on a canal, so I was pleased to work on a naturalistic piece for a change!

Without giving too many spoilers, I feel the subject covered in the show, was something both I could connect with personally and will also prick the conscious of the audience. I have found some great starting points to create a fully rounded character in the script. The language was also very life-like, I almost knew how the conversation would flow between Elliot and Helen before even reading it. ‘The Distance Between Stars’, ends with a positive tone, but without making the characters perfect, just human, and I hope we do it the justice it deserves.


To see more information on the show and book tickets for The Distance Between Stars, visit our website –

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