Introducing… Clem Haran

Clem is the writer of our upcoming production Lightspeed

Promotional image

Promotional image

My name is Clem Haran and I am a 22 year old graduate of Middlesex university who is based in London. I studied Theatre Arts (Solo performance) graduating with a 2:1 and prior to that I studied a Btec in performing arts (acting) at Kingston College.

In my final year of uni I focused on three major projects; An Interactive installation, a Stand up comedy (musical comedy based) routine and a submission of a play. I loved the course I love technical and anything behind the scenes especially prop making. My final year allowed me to focus in the three areas I was extremely interested in script writing being one of them. Ever since my time at college I’ve been influenced by playwrights such as Martin Crimp and Simon Stephens. These both have inspired ideas and works I have created and the style I like to use.

I’ve only been out of university a year and 5 months and in that time I’ve written original music for a musical about cheese that I, along with a friend took to a local festival and together put on. I was involved in a performance art based show with a friend and also I was asked to play piano for another friend as part of a charity gig. And I currently I run a theatre workshop for ages 13/14.

What I want to get from this experience ?

I’ve always been rooted into the medium and practice of theatre which is why I chose to study the practical course in theatre arts and not creative writing. I would call myself a playwright but I’m also other things. I love theatre and I love being able to get involved with many different projects using a variety of skill-sets.

I want to work with a theatre company for the opportunity for my work to develop. It will be nice to work with new people as opposed to friends, I think it will give me a fresh non-biased opinion.

I am essentially fresh out of university and so I’m still eager to learn, to impress and to get my work out there. I’m not a one trick pony. I like to think so anyway.



To see more information on the show and book tickets for Lightspeed, visit our website –

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