Introducing – Elizabeth Poole

Elizabeth stars as Joan Reade in our upcoming production of Old Ground


Elizabeth Poole

Hi I’m Elizabeth

I first saw the auditions for ‘Old Ground’ on a casting call out. I immediately applied for an audition as this story resonates me with me so much especially coming from north Manchester. I was very familiar with the story having been brought up with the knowledge of the evil murders that took place. Then when Peter Topping opened the case again to find the missing people, I read, (amongst newspapers) the books: A Devil’s Disciple and Beyond Belief and was mortified about the actual facts of the crimes.

It was important to me to know the script wasn’t glorifying or sympathising in any way the heinous crimes committed by the two perpetrators and that it was in essence all about the victims and their families. Lee Joseph the writer, with his brilliant, well-researched script, didn’t fail to convince me it was the right thing to do to play the part of Joan Reade whose daughter Pauline was one of the victims. I hope I do Joan justice.

It is an ambitious, brave script that tackles a time of pure evil and agony. Something I hope we never witness again in our lifetime. I am honoured to be cast amongst very talented actors and a fantastic director, Neil Bell to bring this play to the stage.

It is my first production with Organised Chaos and I am thoroughly enjoying the rehearsal process and I’m excited for the show to have its first run at the Kings Arms.



To see more information on Old Ground and book tickets for the show, visit our website –


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