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Introducing … Chris Hall

Chris is the Stage Manager for our upcoming production The Distance Between Stars

Hi my name is Christopher Hall and I’m currently working as Stage Manager for the Distance Between Stars Show and I have been working on creating props lists, sourcing props, attending production meetings, being on the ‘book’ (on script to give actors prompt when they are trying to get off script). I have also been drawing up lighting plans and set plans and sourcing sound effects and working with other members of the production team to start putting the show together

First production meeting - clockwise from the left - Chris Hall, Hannah Rowe (designer), Steve Timms (writer), Antony Bowers-Smith (director)' Gayle Hare (executive producer)

First production meeting – clockwise from the left – Chris Hall, Hannah Rowe (designer), Steve Timms (writer), Antony Bowers-Smith (director)’ Gayle Hare (executive producer)

I liked the script from the start as it raises issues that people can relate to whether it has happened to either yourself or someone you know but are portrayed in a caring and thoughtful manner. I wanted to work with Organised Chaos as it’s a great company to work for and everyone is kind and welcoming. This allows me to gain more experience within the industry.

To see more information on the show and book tickets for The Distance Between Stars, visit our website –

Introducing Gary Horler – Stage Manager – AfterWords

Gary is the Stage Manager for AfterWords – he joined us after answering an open call.

He was asked to write something about why he wanted to get involved with us and our production of AfterWords and his experience so far.


Well it is precisely two weeks until the very first showing of the fantastically written ‘AfterWords’ (Well done Michael). I am very excited as things are coming together rather nicely. My personal highlight so far has been making my own clock face gobo for the show out of an ironed out can of stella artois!  (I am very productive and of course it allowed me to have a creative tipple, because I had to, honestly. Perhaps my bosses at work would tell you I was probably spending too much time on the gobo as opposed to my job – but pfft what do they know?!)

Thus far I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and the excellent working relationship with the wonderful production crew and cast. Liaising with the set designer Ellie about props and sound (which I have, ready to use) has made a very fun experience.

Later this week, we will be coming together to add the sound cues etc, into the rehearsal which will allow us to get a feel as to the finished article – which I am looking forward to!

Why did I get involved? I got involved with Organised Chaos as I wanted to gain further experience in production, particularly with a company that focus on new talent and original writing, and unless the stacking/putting out of the countless chairs every night irritates me as much as I am expecting, then I will be delighted to follow and work with Organised Chaos in the future (Joke, I will definitely be hoping to work with the company again – although the chairs will be irritating, that is not a joke).