Introducing – Paul Fraser-Smith

Paul stars as Fred Harrison in our upcoming production of Old Ground

Hi I’m Paul.

I have lived in Manchester for just over 20 years and was aware of the Moors Murders case through past TV drama’s such as ‘Longford’ and ‘See No Evil’. The story was also still current due to the recent passing away of Ian Brady earlier this year.

As soon as I was sent part of the script for audition purposes I knew that I wanted to be part of this project. I feel that the story is respectfully told and know that the writer Lee Joseph has spent considerable time researching the facts and uncovering precise details to bring this story to the stage. It does not glorify the awful crimes which were committed but amongst telling the story it shines a light on and conveys the hurt and pain felt by the mothers of the children who were sadly taken. Sadly Keith Bennett’s body has not been found and there is hope that his remains are finally found and laid to rest with his mother ‘Winnie’.

I remember meeting the cast for the first time and we held our first read through on Albion Street overlooking the old train station where Edward Evans met Ian Brady and it really affects you and adds a different dimension to the story.

This is my first production for Organised Chaos and the rehearsal process has been brilliantly led by Neil Bell. I can honestly say that whilst considering the subject matter it may seem inappropriate to say that I have laughed and cried during the rehearsal process and that is really testament to both the incredible writing, directing and quality of actors involved. I feel so grateful to be part of this story and I am really looking forward to performing on stage for the first time at the Kings Arms, Salford.


To see more information on Old Ground and book tickets for the show, visit our website –

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