Introducing James Baker – Director – All Because Of Molly

James Baker is the director for All Because Of Molly he joined us after answering an open call for a Director.

He was asked to write something about why he wanted to get involved with us and our production of All Because Of Molly and his experience so far.

” ‘Needing a break’ is a cliché and a common saying when climbing your way through the world of theatre eagerly trying to obtain work. However, as with all clichés, they hold some truth. The North West is fast becoming an integral theatre producing region, yet it is still difficult to find opportunities never mind secure the job. 

As a director, it isn’t easy, without having a strong network, to secure work. Unfortunately there is still an incestuous element to the art world when it comes to hiring. New talent is often undermined or feared. You’d think with the BBC arriving jobs would be plentiful, but they’re not. Organised Chaos was the remedy. After leaving a successful UK Tour as assistant director, it was perfect timing which allowed me to apply for the position of director for the playAll Because of Molly.

 After receiving the script, I began to do a cold read with a friend to prepare my ideas ready for the interview. As I read the opening page I said “This is not me at all… I’m not sure I like the work”. Okay, bare with me. That was until I read the play from beginning to end. First impressions can be wrong and in this instance they were completely wrong. I loved it. It was a simple story thematically about friendship but had many layers dealing with issues I was also interested in discussing. It is having care for the material that leads to a successful direction of the play. If I ended reading with my initials thoughts I would have done the dutiful thing and not applied.

 The audition process was fruitful. Having the control and allowance to make the final calls is an Organised Chaos trait. They trust the individuals that they employ. They trust that your decision is fit for purpose, that you have the experience to make the right choices and that you are in control of the project. Both the writer and company have given me freedom to be creative; a rare thing in an industry fast becoming product led.

 The cast have been so understanding of my process, accepting and trusting my decisions. However, I work very closely with actors and elicit them to take responsibility for their characters and the story in which they need to communicate to the audience. I can honestly say that everything you will see in the end product has been processed by choices, thoughts, arguments, attacks and challenges. This play has been directed with care and respect by all involved. For this I am proud to be part of Organised Chaos and work with a cast as passionate as myself. “

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About organisedchaosproductions

Nurturing theatrical talent in the most chaotically organised way you could imagine. Organised Chaos Productions was set up in 2009 to help and support undiscovered and emerging talent in Manchester and the North West providing platforms for this creativity by successfully taking care of all the production technicalities. Our mission is to make Organised Chaos Productions a successful producing company of high quality, thought provoking new works, supporting undiscovered and emerging talent in the North-West.

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