A Lot of it About : It’s Tracy Day!


We have been at this for a couple of days now and naturally, there’s a need and want to dig deeper into our characters, which is just ace. One of my favourite things in a rehearsal room are what I deem “The Big Questions”, i.e. the things that everyone wants to ask, but have been a bit too scared or nervous to fully explore yet.

Today’s rehearsal started off with a discussion surrounding the phrase “roll my own” and what that might mean within the context of what Ben and Ann are saying to each other. There was a moment when everyone attempted to be delicate, however, half way through Tracy (who joined us today for the first time in a rehearsal room due to the ongoing availability saga) confidently stated that it could be about “masturbation”. And that in essence is just one of the great things about this group of people. There’s no buffer zone or awkwardness surrounding these often quite difficult topics, instead it’s just said like it is and everyone accepts it.

It’s been a bit of a funny day really. A lot of waiting around for people to be ready, but no one’s at fault really. More of a problem with everyone being busy, but I feel this will be an on going problem. For now, while we’re waiting, it gives me some time to sit at a computer and type out my inner most ramblings.


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