Introducing – Anne Baron

Anne stars as Winnie Johnson in our upcoming production of Old Ground

2016-06-29 14.27.40-1

Anne Baron

Hi I’m Anne Baron and this is my first production with Organised Chaos. It is also another first for me as I’ve never written a blog before, so here goes!

I have been acting for many years in many different types of production ranging from serious drama to musicals to pantomime and now welcome the challenge of playing character roles, enjoying playing in both comedic and thoughtful drama.

As soon as I saw details of Old Ground my interest was piqued. I am of an age that I remember all too well the events of the mid 1960s and I have always had an interest in any developments regarding the subject matter addressed.  So, I felt I had to try and take the opportunity to be involved in the project. I was thrilled to be offered an audition and was delighted to secure the role of Winnie Johnson.

The read through took place several weeks later and was emotional as this was the first time the cast had all been together, and was the first time I had met our director Neil Bell! It also proved that this would indeed be a true team effort.

Rehearsals have been intense as the cast strive to develop their characters but have been very enjoyable and we are now moving swiftly to performance.

Lee has written a very informative, descriptive and touching script which is a pleasure to perform.

I can’t quite believe that I am working with such a lovely, committed cast and creative team on this, in my opinion, excellent piece of writing.

I am very excited to be part of the production and hope that the audiences at King’s Arms, Salford appreciate out telling of this piece of Manchester’s social history.

See you there!


To see more information on Old Ground and book tickets for the show, visit our website –

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